Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet
Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet

Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet Cigars

From: Factory Throwouts    Item #: 14495
  • Bundle of 20
Length 6 1/4 Inches
Diameter 45 Ring
Packaging Bundle
Origin Dominican Republic
Strength Medium Bodied
Wrapper Natural
Shape Regular

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verified buyer
Factory throwouts 59 sweet By: B. H. on 04/06/2013

These are good cigars and are nice and sweet, but you should use a cigar punch instead of a cutter. The tight cap makes it almost impossible to cut. They are a change of pace and probably a 30 minute burn. Flavor is sweet and good.

Appearance :   

Construction :   

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verified buyer
Smoooth... Sweet Surprise By: C. G. on 02/05/2013

My introduction to these little beauties was a matter of not finding what I came to the shop for. My continued return for a fresh bundle is a matter of extreme pleasure and contentment with their consistent high quality... 40 to 50 minutes of uninterrupted smooth, faintly sweet draw... and HIGH LEVEL OF VALUE smoke for the price (enhanced greatly since finding them here for HALF of total investment at the local shop...).

Here's a bullet-point breakdown of these "throw outs":
PACKAGING - clear cellophane wrapped bundle of 20 (each cigar is individually wrapped, as well.

APPEARANCE - a complete NON-issue for this enjoyer of a fine smoke, but don't expect to "WOW" your friends and neighbors with their initial presentation (see "packaging"). NOTE: I remove them from the bundle pack, and place them in a couple of wood-lined "Partagas" presentation boxes for freshness and personal aesthetics in the den.

NOTE: These fine smokes are sold as "factory throw-outs" because of inconsistent coloration of the Dominican single-leaf wraps. Aw Shucks.

"Smoke-ABILITY" - After a clip of the end (or just use a finish nail and poke a 1.5" hole... the den is a work in progress, and I can't find the cutter my wife brought back from Greece)... these 6 1/4" pleasurestiks take a light easily. They are suited best for a set-aside time of relaxation, burning slow and even for almost an hour of restive, unhurried draw. I do occasionally have to encourage the embers with a short relight (due to the pace of draw more than any anomaly of the craftsmanship).

NOTE: Unlike many other cigars, these do lend themselves fairly pleasantly to a tap out and relight later in the day -

FLAVOR - There is a hint of "sweetness" in the initial light-up and first few draws. The balance of the 40-50 minutes of relaxation are smooth, completely UNbiting and consistent. Utterly CONSISTENT.

VALUE - I personally have found "FACTORY THROW OUTS #59" to be a very welcomed addition to arsenal of relaxation.
-CM Sackett-

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Questions customers have asked about this product

Are these Factory 59 Sweet, Suger tipped, if not why are they sweet?

Factory 59 Sweets do have a sugar-coated tip for an extra hint of sweetness.
Answered on 2011-02-09

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