A. Turrent Cigars

Although the A. Turrent family is the cigar industry’s oldest family, they have continued to re-invent themselves by creating a brand that has been defined by many as their crowning achievement. Five generations, and 125 years make up the excellence that is A. Turrent. The A. Turrent family has been a long time benefactor of Mexican tobacco. Many companies in the industry today shy away from Mexico and instead use Dominican or Honduran tobacco, but A. Turrent saw no reason for changing locations. Makers of Te-Amo, Andrea’s, and Matacan, A. Turrent has become somewhat of a silent assassin, making quality cigars, but keeping far enough under the radar to avoid inflation.

A. Turrent cigars are medium to full bodied, using a Nicaraguan leaf for the binder and Mexican San Andreas tobacco for the wrapper and filler. A. Turrent cigars are enjoyable right from the start, giving the smoker a sample of what’s to come. Although the term “creamy” is often overused in descriptions of cigars, it is still the best way to describe an A. Turrent. Although A. Turrent’s aren’t flavored, hints of coffee as well as a distinct nutty taste will floor your taste buds. A. Turrent’s come in five sizes, all boxes of 20. A great all-around smoke, try one for yourself and you’ll understand why after 125 years, A. Turrent still remains prominent in the industry today.

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