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AVO Cigars

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AVO Cigars were created by a famous composer and jazz pianist Avo Uvezian years after he was overcharged for a Cuban cigar in 1983. With a range of mellow to full-bodied strengths, Avo was able to create cigars that can be puffed on by all levels of smokers. Find these unique blends that go well with Colorado, Colorado Maduro, Connecticut, Habano, Natural, and Sungrown wrappers. Best Cigar Prices carries AVO Cigars lines AVO Classic, AVO Domaine, AVO Heritage, AVO XO, and more. Available in sampler packs, boxes, individuals, and more. They can measure from 4-inch to 7 1/2-inch in size. Best Cigar Prices carries quality cigars at the lowest prices online.

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AVO Cigars / AVO Cigars Cigars

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Avo Cigars: Price, Value, and History

Avo Cigars - Overview

AVO cigars are known for their range of tasting profiles. Created by jazz pianist, composer, and cigar manufacturer, Avo Uvezian, these premium cigars are available in mellow to full strengths.

The classic AVO cigars are mellow and flavorful with a blend of Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper offering an aromatic and rich flavor. This blend features Dominican grown, Cuban-seed Piloto San Vicente and Olor leaves. AVO XO cigars were Avo Uvezian’s second line featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper, Dominican Olor binder, and Dominican filler leaves, all of which are aged together. These medium-bodied smokes are stronger than the Classic and Maduro AVO cigars but more mellow than the Domaine and Signature lines. AVO XO cigars come in either cellophane or metal tubes offered in most traditional sizes. For a stronger smoke, there are the AVO Maduro cigars. These cigars are wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with the same smooth flavor found in the AVO Classic. This wrapper is aged for three years, naturally fermented for an additional three months, and then fermented a second time to produce a deep rich color and a unique flavor.