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Bahia Cigars

Bahia Red Label - The cigar that made Bahia famous. In their 4 sizes are the standards that other maduros are measured by. The cigar offers a great amount of smoke with a thick texture but not overwhelming. The cigar has flavors of dark roast coffee, earthy charcteristics & rich tobacco flavors but not so strong. The excess nicotine has been reduced through extensive fermentations. Total annual production 102,000.

Bahia Trinidad - This Nicaraguan puro is most aromatic & pleasant. It reminds you of aromas of spring on a farm, cedar, cinnamon, & cocoa. The cigar has a long finish that is somewhat sweet with dark tobacco flavors. Bahia Trinidads rest for 120 days prior to their release. Total production per year: 144,000 cigars.

Bahia Gold - Bahia Cigar's flagship cigar is a box-pressed masterpiece. They all rest for 12 months after being rolled. Bahia Gold is rich, complex with a full body of smoke. Well balanced and satisfying. Annual production: 273,600 cigars. Bahia Gold Maduro Bahis Gold Maduro was re-blended in July 2003. These cigars have earthy characters at first and then sweet and creamy, with characteristics of cedar and coffee. A complex yet smooth cigar. Bahia Gold Maduro cigars are rested 180 days after they are rolled. Annual production: 144,000 cigars.

Bahia Vintage 1998 - Bahia Vintage 1998 was the first cigar Bahia ever introduced into the market. Describing the flavors can be done in 2 words; rich and complex, with deep dark tobacco flavors, a mouth full. Each Bahia Vintage 1998 uses the best of what that year has to offer in Nicaragua. Annual production: 120,000 cigars.

Bahia Gold White - The smallest production of Bahia Cigars at 200 boxes a month. These cigars are rested for 400 days after they are rolled. Annual production: 24,000 cigars. Bahia Blu Bahia Blu is Bahia Cigars latest blend, introduced to the U.S. at the RTDA show in Aug. 2003. These flavorful and balanced cigars will enhance your pallette regardless of your preference of strength. Bahia Blu is rested for 180 days after being rolled. Total annual production: 96,00 cigars.

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