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$10 Off Plus FREE Shipping on J. Fuego

$10 Off and Free Shipping

Nobody in his right mind would try to stop Jesus Fuego from making a name for himself in the tobacco world, and for good reason—his cigars are just awesome. Fuego collaborated with Rocky Patel in order to create several of his brands, including the Old World Reserve, and is also behind some of the blends in Don Tomas and Helix. Since launching his first line in 2006, this master blender has released several successful brands, including Origen, which is made up of three different Corojo tobaccos, and the chocolaty Delirium, which features a Brazilian Maduro, all of which have received positive reviews in several publications.

You’re probably thinking that these premium cigars are going to burn a hole in your wallet—not at! This week you can pick any box of Jesus Fuego cigars at $10 below our everyday low price, and with free shipping on top! Fuego says that he made these cigars for himself, and is now sharing them with everyone else, so try some of his own favorites at a price unavailable anywhere else.