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2012 London Olympics & Cigars

With the 2012 Summer Olympics currently going on across the pond, we figured we would pay homage to England and take a look at their cigar culture. We hope you are enjoying watching the Olympic Games in proper fashion, with a tasty stogie in hand.

JJ Fox Cigar Shop

If you are a cigar aficionado visiting London, a stop at the JJ Fox Cigar Shop is a must. Located in St. James Street in Central London, JJ Fox has been in the tobacco industry since 1787. Over 200 years old, the JJ Fox Cigar Shop has done business with some of the most famous cigar smokers in history, including Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, and members of British and Foreign Royalty. Below the cigar store, you will find the Freddie Fox Cigar Museum. The museum has many historical artifacts that are of interest to any cigar smoker or history buff, including an old smoking chair reserved for Sir Winston Churchill while he selected and sampled his favorite cigars. The museum also boats a case of cigars from the Great Exhibition of 1851 that are reportedly the oldest Havana cigars in existence.

Winston Churchill Cigars

“I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form.”

If you are looking for a gold medal worthy smoke to enjoy while watching the Olympics, why not smoke a Winston Churchill cigar? Named after England’s most famous cigar aficionado, if not the world’s most famous cigar aficionado, these cigars definitely live up to their namesake. Winston Churchill cigars are created and blended by Davidoff and feature a unique blend of tobacco from around the world. The cigar is rounded out with an Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper. These creamy, full-flavored smokes are always winners in our book.

Winston Churchill was never seen without a cigar in hand. It is rumored that the Prime Minister smoked around ten cigars a day. The man loved cigars so much, that a cigar size was even named after him. Romeo y Julieta Cigars and La Aroma de Cuba Cigars were some of his personal favorites.

Churchill’s Drink of Choice:

Scotch Whisky, Johnnie Walker Red Label

Scotch whisky pairs perfectly with a robust, full-flavored cigar.

“Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.”