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$30 Off Punch Uppercut

Today’s special is a knockout! I’ve got a hard-hitting deal on the Punch cigars Uppercut line that it going to knock your socks off. These Hondurans pack a medium-full bodied flavor derived from a very unique tobacco blend. The blend is starts out with a dark brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that compliments the rest of the blend perfectly and adds just the right complex tones. The rest of the blend is comprised of a Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco grown on the side of a volcano on the island of Ometepe just off the Nicaraguan coast. The cloud cover that hangs over the volcano provides a one-of-a-kind environment for growing tobacco, and the result is spicy, rich flavor tobacco unlike anything else you’ve ever smoked. True to the Punch name these are not some mild, air-tasting cigars, get ready for some strength and spice.

These came out about a year ago to rave reviews, and have been flying off our shelves like hotcakes since their release. They’ve been selling so well in fact that we decided it was time to put in a big-time order and leverage our buying power into a bulk discount. Per usual our negotiations went perfectly, and also per usual we are passing the savings right along to you. We’ve taken a whopping $30.00 off each box! This is by far the cheapest we’ve ever been able to offer these premium smokes at, and I doubt we’ll ever be able to do it again. These are already a steal at $5.25 per cigar or so, but with this deal you can snatch these up for as little as $3.70 each! This is such a great deal that we can only afford to run it until Sunday evening, so get on this one quick. Another piece of cake sales pitch, sometimes I think this job is too easy for me. Delicious blend from one of the best factories around, big-time savings, what more could you want? Have a great weekend, but don’t wait until you have a case of the Mondays to pick up a case of the Punch Uppercut or you’ll miss out!