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5 Cigars to Make You Feel Like a Blacklist Supervillain

These cigars pair nicely with your evil world domination plans.

James Spader as “Raymond “Red” Reddington” on NBC’s “Blacklist”

Actor James Spader (at left) plays one of the most badass villains on television; Raymond “Red” Reddington.  As the lead character on The Blacklist (a hugely popular television show on NBC), Red Reddington has been making being an evil super-genius look fun.  And what’s even better?  He frequently enjoys a fine cigar.

As fans of the show, Mr. Spader’s Blacklist character got us thinking; If we were looking to start a career as diabolic bad people hell-bent on world domination (we’re not, we love BCP too much), which cigars would we choose?  Which led us to creating this list.  These five smokes are perfect for enjoying while plotting revenge on your arch enemies.  Or, alternatively, poker night with the guys.

1. Gurkha Evil XO

If you had to pick the perfect cigar for someone like The Blacklist’s Red Reddington to smoke, you’d have to start with The Gurkha Evil.  Coming in at a hefty 6 x 60, The Evil XO is an impressively sinister cigar that features a spicy mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler, wrapped in luxurious Brazilian tobacco leaves.  Smoking this cigar won’t really make you evil…or maybe it will.

2. Asylum Straight Jacket 5 x 50

The upside to being a Blacklist-style super villain is that you frequently get to revel in the destruction of your enemies while laughing like a madman.  The downside is that you will also frequently find yourself wearing a straitjacket.  It’s just something that maniacs with delusions of world domination need to get used to.  So why not smoke an Asylum Straight Jacket while the nice people from the asylum get you fitted for a real one?  Not meant for the feint of heart, the Asylum Straight Jacket is the company’s strongest blend yet, thanks to it being a certifiably insane (and delicious!) Nicaraguan puro.

3. Romeo y Julieta Havoc Stocky Bully

While James Spader plays a megalomaniac with style, he has also frequently proven that one of the things he’s best at is wreaking havoc on his enemies. And while that may be fun, your neighbors would probably complain.  And who needs that headache, right?  However, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from lighting up one of Romeo y Julieta’s most powerful stogies; The Havoc Stocky Bully.  This cigar comes equipped with all the ingredients needed to make the other cigars in your humidor feel intimidated; A spicy Habano wrapper that’s stuffed with some of the very best Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco on the planet.

4. Camacho Triple Maduro Corona

Red Reddington has been known to have a whole arsenal of super-deadly weaponry at his disposal.  Remember the episode where he launched a pair of Hellfire missiles at an African warlord’s compound?  While we can’t help you get your hands on even one Hellfire missile (let alone two), we can help you stock your humidor with the next closest thing; a box of Camacho Triple Maduro Coronas.  For those not familiar, these cigars are damn-near weapons grade strong, featuring a wrapper, binder, and filler that is all Maduro tobacco.  The result is a cigar that’s strong enough to strike fear into the hearts of any warlords (or cigar mooching buddies) you might encounter.

5. Bombs Away Magnum

Just as blowing things up is an everyday event for Red Reddington on The Blacklist, it’s entirely possible that Bombs Away would be his preferred every day smoke.  I say that for two reasons.  First, Bombs Away is a smooth, Nicaraguan-made stogie with a Connecticut wrapper that’s affordable enough for even the most budget conscious villain.  And second, did I mention the cigar is named, “Bombs Away Magnum“?  If you can’t get behind a stogie with a name like that you simply don’t deserve to be a world-class bad guy.