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5 Unique Holiday Cigar Gifts for 2014

Feeling the pressure of looming holiday deadlines while still trying to find a perfect cigar gift that stands out from the pack? Fear not, loyal reader, we’ve got you covered with this convenient list of Unique Holiday Cigar Gifts, calculated to knock the socks off of your favorite aficionados this season:


cig_apparel_ab_flask_pic1. Alec Bradley HUGE Half Gallon Flask (BEST: $44.99)

First up on the list is an oddball item that will appeal to any cigar nut that enjoys a fine adult beverage with their smokes and believes in the old adage, “the more, the merrier.” The Alec Bradley Half Gallon Flask is emblazoned with the esteemed Alec Bradley Cigar Company’s “Live True” motto and holds up to 64oz of your preferred pairing beverage for those especially thirsty smoke sessions. Constructed from sturdy Stainless Steel wrapped in leather, this heavy-duty drink dispenser should be able to survive even your rowdiest holiday cigar jams.







cig_hyg_purotemp2. Xikar PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer Wireless Remote System (BEST: $64.99)

For the classy connoisseur who thinks they have it all there’s the Xikar PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer Wireless System. This wireless remote hygrometer system takes the guessing and stressing out of monitoring your cigars by keeping track of temperature and humidity levels on up to 3 separate units in different locations. This set-up is James Bond gadget-level genius, allowing you to monitor your prized smokes without ever having to open your humidors.







exactus_supercoloso3. Exactus Super Coloso Cigar (BEST: $44.99)

A “super-big-ring” cigar with sweet, creamy, and woody flavor, the massive 11×90 Exactus Super Coloso is handmade in small batches at Tabacalera El Artista in the Dominican Republic. The largest ring-gauge cigar in our inventory, this titan of tobacco artistry makes a great novelty gift for your favorite aficionado, and doubles as a real-deal premium smoke for anyone who thinks they’re up to the challenge. Any way you slice it, when you break out the Exactus Super Coloso (available in both natural and maduro) in any social setting, you’re bound to make things just a little more interesting.







hum_xikar_xtreme_gift_tailgate open4. Xikar Xtreme Travel Case Tailgate Gift Set (BEST: $67.99)

For the rabid football fan with a taste for great cigars, the Xikar Xtreme Travel Case Tailgate set is the Heisman Trophy of cigar gifts. This “instant-herf” cigar kit comes complete with a trusty Xikar Element Dual Torch Lighter with built-in punch cutter, Ashcan ashtray, bottle opener, durable 5-cigar travel case, and even a Xikar beer Koozie! Whether you’re actually tailgating, or just playing couch coach with a couple fine smokes, this all-in-one accessory package is sure to come in handy, and here’s the real “kicker”: everything included here is backed by Xikar’s almighty lifetime warranty.







cao_limited_court5. CAO Limited Edition Cigar Sets (BEST: $87.99)

An “under-the-radar” limited release cigar series from this past summer, CAO’s Limited Edition Cigar sets make an incredible holiday gift for any fan of the world-class cigar blends of CAO. Available in three distinctly unique, sports-themed blends: Court, Player, and Field, each of these collectible sets contains 18 limited edition CAO cigars and a limited production, flat-brim CAO ball cap in special “sneaker-box” packaging. Aside from the “rare and collectible” aspect of these special sets, the cigars contained therein are nothing short of excellent, boasting the company’s trademark exceptional construction and complex flavor profiles that make us wish they weren’t so “limited.”






Hopefully you’ve found something on this list to make your seasonal cigar gifting a little easier this year. Still haven’t found quite what you were looking for? Drop me a line @ [email protected], there’s plenty more where these came from and I’m happy to help.