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601: PA Edition (video)

Jeff Brown of Best Cigar Prices took a few minutes to talk to us about the 601 PA Edition, a blended that was crafted under the watchful eye of Erik Espinosa at LaZona Cigars in Esteli.

Find the 601 PA Edition here:


Hi folks. Jeff Brown here, Merchandising Director for Best Cigar Prices. I’m here today to talk about 601 Pennsylvania Edition. This is a full cigar, super flavorful, mostly Nicaraguan cigar made in Esteli by the good folks at La Zona and captained by none other than Erik Espinosa.

601 PA pays tribute to the fact that almost half the cigars in the United States come through the state of Pennsylvania. So much so that Eric has even put just a little taste of Pennsylvania leaf inside of the Pennsylvania Edition cigar.

So stop by Best Cigar Prices, get yours today. Pennsylvania Edition 601 could be one of the hottest cigars out there, made by one of if not the hottest manufacturers.