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777 by J. Fuego Cigars (video)

Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigars introduces the 777.

Find the 777 here:


Hi, my friends. This is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at talking about our line of cigars. In this moment we’re going to talk about the 777 Zero. The 777 is one project that complements very well our line-up.

J. Fuego is well-known for our rich and full-bodied cigars with a lot of character. We wanted to have in that line up a cigar that you can smoke to a wine, a good cigar in the morning, or in my case, I like a mild cigar at the end of the day.

It features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, where we do an extra fermentation to make it smoother and get rid of the traditional bitterness of the Connecticut wrapper. It is a very smooth, very clean cigar. I will say the best way to describe it is very creamy. It’s not too mild, it’s not boring. I will call it a solid medium for a Connecticut, but it’s very rich, very sweet, and a very pleasant cigar that I know even the most experienced smokers will be able to enjoy it.

So there you go. You can get it at