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A Few Good Smokes

We’ve been crazy busy here in BCP-land lately preparing for the Holiday season, but I still had time to light up a few good smokes during the course of the week. Here’s a brief re-cap of the sticks I was able to sneak in:


Cain Nub 460 Maduro

Cain Nub 460 Maduro

One of my all-time favorites, the super-tasty Cain Nub 460 Maduro delivers full strength and hearty flavors of cocoa, leather and black and red pepper. Earlier this week I pulled one of these out of the ol’ humi and realized it had been far too long since I lit one up. These short stogies are loaded with relentless full flavor, and because they are so densely packed chock-full of ligero tobaccos, you can expect a churchill’s worth of burn-time from these stout little power-house smokes. If someone told me that I could only smoke Nub Straight Ligero for the rest of my days, I think I could live with that.







Camacho Connecticut Figurado

Camacho Connecticut

Nowadays everybody’s trying to blend a Connecticut-wrapped stick with full flavor and complexity, but here’s a newsflash: Camacho‘s been doing it for a long time with their Camacho Connecticut line. Now re-branded under Camacho’s new “Bold Standard” design, these silky sticks bring a spicy kick thanks to an authentic Corojo binder and Honduran Aleman Ligero filler tobaccos. On Wednesday night I fired up the Figurado size and was treated to a straight and cool-burning smoke that paired perfectly with my customary evening cup of coffee. Smooth as hell but never boring, Camacho Connecticut is the ideal blend for the smoker who likes an easy-going smoke but finds most Connecticut-wraps to be a bit bland.






Pura Soul

I know I just did a full review on this one, but man, the Pura Soul is damn tasty! This Nicaraguan Puro from Christian Eiroa’s long-time business associate Robert Wright is a smooth and complex flavor-bomb that deserves its props. Since my initial review, repeated smokes have confirmed that this one is a winner, generously spouting rich notes of sweet cedar, cocoa, butter, and spice. Anyone who claims to love Nicaraguan tobaccos, or good cigars in general for that matter should definitely be checking these out. In fact, stop reading this, click here and order a 5-pack now. You can thank me later.