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About 2 weeks ago, the New York Post ran the headline “The 5,000 hour cigar”

0511-0701-3113-5572_Successful_Businessman_Smoking_a_Cigar_clipart_imageRoughly 2 weeks ago, the New York Post ran the headline “The 5,000 hour cigar”

According to the article,  getting a new cigar approved  “would work just like the same tortuous FDA process for getting new drugs approved: A company would have to file an application for every new cigar it offered, a costly procedure that involves lots of lawyers and 5,000 man-hours.”

Could you imagine if it took 5,000 hours and tons of lawyers to get a new blend of cigar to market?   Cigar’s wouldn’t just cost the FDA minimum of $10 dollars,  they would cost hundreds.   Some cigar blends and brands sell only in small amounts,  limited releases,  small market cigars, special blends.   All this would vanish into the history section of the cigar world.

From the New York Post  “So a Park Avenue plutocrat will get his smoke without interference, but the working stiff Joe who wants to relax with his $3 stogie after a hard week will be out of luck.”

This is roughly the same argument we and the Washington Times had a few weeks ago.

We really don’t know for sure what the end result will be with the FDA’s findings.  However there are still some steps you can take now.


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