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Aging Room: Bin No.1 (video)

Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends took a few minutes to talk to us about Aging Room cigars latest release, Bin No.1.


Hi, I’m Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blend Cigars, maker of Aging Room cigars, Swag, Oliveros, and La Boheme.

My good friends at Best Cigar Prices asked me to talk to you a little bit about my Aging Room Bin No. 1. Wow. Asking me to talk about my cigars is asking me to talk about my babies. So I’m very proud of this particular blend. This is an unbelievable cigar.

It incorporates tobacco from the year ’97, ’98, and ’99. Now, I don’t know what you guys were doing in ’97, but I can tell you, the good people that work at Tabacalera Palma at the time were separating this old, great, old tobacco and putting it away to age. ’97 was the end of the cigar boom in the United States and Jose Blanco, my partner in Dominican, was starting to try some different variation of Cuban seed tobacco.

And he separated and we continued making cigars throughout the years, but this tobacco was separated, so we blended, last year with this aged, with a tremendous amount of flavor and it resulted in Aging Room Bin No. 1. And it’s called Bin No. 1 because the area of the factory we put this tobacco was area number one and translation is Bin No. 1, the area in the warehouse that we put this tobacco.

This is a very strong, very strong cigar, but at the same time, because it’s been aged so much, the tobacco is very well balanced. So if you’re looking, like me, for a full-body, for a blend that is complex and at the same time well balanced, but with a lot of aroma and flavor, this is what you’re going to find in my Bin No. 1.

So I ask you to try this cigar, if you haven’t already, because the Aging Room is a brand that is very close to my heart. We make it only a small production, a small amount of cigars. So try my Aging Room Bin No. 1 and let the good people of Best Cigar Prices know how you like it.