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Aging Room Cigars by Boutique Blends (Video)

Here’s some more footage from the 2013 trade show, Rafael Nodal breaks down the Aging Room cigar line from Boutique Blends.


Well, I just lit up an Aging Room Quattro, a small batch F55. This is a very special cigar. The Aging Room is a line that allows you to continuously do a small batch blend in small releases. This blend is an F55. It takes the name from the date of the year that the blend was created. We have, for example, the Friday, the 55 day of the year last year, when the blend was created.

This is an all Dominican blend that uses a genuine Sumatra wrapper from 2003. I can tell you not very many cigars on the market I can say that. And the reason is it is not available in the United States. We acquired that in Germany, actually. Our German distributor that was just here had this wrapper, been aged, but the economy in Germany, to say the least in Europe, has been very down, so they have been not using this one, and I was able to buy this wrapper. I brought it to the United States and I started working in different blends.

And this is an all Dominican blend except the wrapper. And obviously we did it box-pressed, which moves the blend to another dimension. You are able to get some very spicy . . . and it’s very smooth, some cinnamon taste, some leathery taste, some chocolate taste, and the initial aroma, for example, that we’re getting from this cigar, it is amazing. And that’s what you look on the cigar when you do that, you get initial aroma.

This cigar, it comes in five different sizes. This is the Maestro size, which is a torpedo, as you can see, a 54, beautiful box-pressed, an amazing, amazing leathery wrapper. And I hope you enjoy, as I enjoy the cigars that I make. All cigars that I blend are my kids. I love them all, but this is a very special blend. Cheers.