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Aging Room Core Maduro Cigars

Watch as master blender Rafael Nodal introduces the Aging Room Core Maduro blend

Transcript: Hi, I’m Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends Cigars, and I’m here today at Best Cigar Prices talking a little bit about my blends and my cigars and my small productions, and I want to tell you a little bit about my Aging Room Maduro.

The Aging Room Maduro is very special cigar for me. That was the first maduro that we introduced in our Aging Room line, and it was a challenge. It was a challenge for me because I’ve been blending mostly Dominican cigars, and we decided to use Nicaraguan maduro for that specific blends.

And you know, we all have different tastes and different things that we look for in a cigar, but for me the maduro brings an amazing amount of sweetness and flavor to the cigar. I don’t blend as other people blend their cigars. So I wanted to have a cigar, with a maduro wrapper, that you were able to find the flavor of the wrapper in addition to the flavor of the filler of the cigar.

So we had started working on that blend, and it took us six years more or less since I acquired originally the maduro wrapper from Nicaragua, and I was able to really age it and cure it until I was able to find the flavors and the flavor profile that I was looking for.

So the result is an all Dominican tobacco with a filler, a binder, and a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. Medium to full body, but you are able to get some of the sweetness that I really enjoy in the maduro. So I hope you like it, as I worked very hard for it, and it’s really one of my favorite cigars in the line. Cheers.

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