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Aging Room Fortissimo with Rafael Nodal (video)

Rafael Nodal, of Aging Room cigars, took a few minutes to talk to us about his small batch blend, the Fortissimo.

Find the Fortissimo here:


Hi, Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends. I’m here to tell you a little bit about my Aging Room Fortissimo series.   Every year I concentrate on the production of very small batches of cigars, and every year I introduce one particular series called the Aging Room Fortissimo. My first release was the Aging Room Fortissimo M21, then followed the M20, and then now, obviously you got it, the M19.  The M19 is a box press cigar available in only one size. It’s a 47 by 5 3/4 box press. It’s a preferido, meaning that it has like a torpedo on both sides. But when you box press a cigar like that, it adds a completely different dimension to the smoking experience.   This cigar is unique because the tobacco is over 14-years-old. Yeah, you heard me correctly, 14-years-old. And it’s only from one particular farm, so the wrapper, the binder and the filler, all from a single farm.  Normally, when we talk about a puro, in this case a Dominican puro, we’re talking about tobacco from the same country. So we took it a step further and produced a cigar that is you can consider it like a state selection, all from a single farm. Because of that and the aging of the tobacco, it’s a very small production. We normally do a year, in the Fortissimo size, only about 20,000 cigars, available in boxes of 10.  So if you have time, acquire some of these cigars because they’re going to be gone, and trust me when I tell you, it is a fantastic cigar. It’s not a cigar for everybody. It’s a cigar for people that are looking for complexity, character, and a lot of flavor. And trust me when I say this is a fantastic cigar.   I hope you like it as I really enjoy every year producing the Fortissimo series and this year, the M19 Aging Room Fortissimo.