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Aging Room Quattro F55 (video)

The Aging Room Quattro F55 was recently named the number 2 cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado Magazine for 2013. Here Rafael Nodal tells us a little more about this incredibly successful blend.


Hi, I’m Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends. I’m here today to tell you about my Aging Room Quattro F55.

As you know, the Aging Room Quattro F55 is the 2013 number two Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado. We are extremely proud of it. It’s not as important as you liking my cigars. I’m here to tell you a little bit about the Quattro.

It’s a cigar that I’m extremely, extremely impressed with. We first came with this blend. On the Quattro, it’s called Quattro because it has four lines and, obviously, it’s boxed pressed. It’s Cuban box pressed, so it’s not completely square and that’s why we call it Quattro because it has four sizes.

The Aging Room Quattro F55 gets its number, the F55, because the day we come up with the blend that’s the day that we’ll log it in our wrappers. It’s a Friday, the 55 day of last year, of 2013.

This cigar is something that we’re extremely proud of. This has a wrapper from the Sumatra Island in Indonesia from 2003. Well, that’s if you count, right now, nine or ten years old. I don’t know what you  guys were doing nine or ten years ago, but I can tell you this tobacco was being grown in a beautiful island and gives an unbelievable aroma and great combustion, as you can see.

The cigar will burn really white and will give you tremendous aroma and flavor. We use, on the filler, all tobacco from our Dominican farm from my partner, Jochi Blanco, which is a veteran grower and has been growing this tobacco and separating all nine and ten years old.

The F55 is something that we’re extremely proud of and is something that I really hope you enjoy. It’s a sophisticated smoking experience. It’s a medium body, not too strong, not too mild, but it brings a lot of the flavors that you want in a cigar. So, if you’re looking for a sophisticated experience, the F55 Quattro Aging Room I will recommend.