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Arnold Schwarzenegger Awarded Spectator Cigar Smoker of the Year

Cigar Award
Credit : Spectator Facebook
photo shot
L to R: Arnold Schwarzenegger, partner Heather Milligan, and Kelsey Grammer

British based magazine The Spectator has named Arnold Schwarzenegger their “Cigar Smoker of the Year.”

A very fitting choice, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a long-time cigar enthusiast and vocal cigar rights supporter who is rarely photographed without a stogie in hand (except for in the photo at right, ironically.)

It evidently was a close match however, with Cigar Smoker of the Year Runner-up being Frasier’s Kelsey Grammer.

The event was a celebration of cigars that highlighted how ingrained cigars are within our culture, but not without noting how cigars themselves have come under attack.

Cigar aficionados in Great Britain are experiencing the same level of discrimination as in the United States. Well-known British food critic and chef Tom Parker Bowles expressed, “(we live) In an age where government is threatening to become bigger, more bossy and more interfering, where a person’s right to smoke in a car can become a crime”

The Spectator Cigar Awards Dinner brought cigar aficionados and celebrity cigar smokers from around the world together at London’s upscale Boisdale Canary Wharf restaurant on Sunday November 16th.

The annual event celebrates the culture and heritage of fine cigars over a delicious banquet, accompanied by some of the most highly regarded vintage wines and spirits.

Cheers to Arnold for taking home this year’s award, we personally couldn’t have nominated a better BOTL.