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Artesanos de Tabaqueros by La Gloria Cubana (Video)

In this brief video, Michael Giannini of La Gloria Cubana talks about the inspiration and execution of the Artesanos de Tabaqueros blend by La Gloria Cubana. Two thirds of the Artesanos cigar is covered in a beautifully rich Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, while everything from the band down is Connecticut shade, bringing two distinct flavor profiles together in one unique cigar. 

You can find our selection of La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros cigars here.


So I want to talk about Artesanos Tabaqueros. And Artesanos Tabaqueros is the one that you see cigars where you have a wrap-around, a bottom third of it, and two-thirds of it has a different wrapper. And the concept behind that is it’s actually two cigars in one.

The front end is a Dominican cigar. The fillers are Dominican, the back half is Honduran. So literally if you were to cut this cigar apart you would actually see two blends together. The wrapper starts right there. And the idea behind that concept is we wanted you to take you through one cigar, and then see the transition to another one, so the flavor actually builds as you go through it.

There are three sizes available in Arestanos Tabaqueros. It was one of the most difficult things we had to do, because when we were creating this blend we were telling our rollers, “Hey we want to put two cigars in one,” and they looked at us like we had three heads. And we had a very young guy who said, “Yeah, I think I know what you’re trying to do.” And he was fairly new. He had a bit of an open mind which was fantastic for us. And so when he came back with the fillers for us,  [La Tadipa] is basically what you call that in Spanish, it was like, you got it bro. And then what we had to do is we actually had to put the wrappers on them, in which is a very complex process.

So, typically what you don’t see in some of our factories is a pair of scissors, and very unique scissors where they were able to cut the wrapper so that they could match the first blend, and then we had to use the wrap-around the second wrapper for the second third of the blend. So to be able to pull that off was a very, very complex process. To create two cigars in one was very, very complex, but the end result is you get this incredible flavor, and it just builds. So, what I love to tell people is you have a shrimp cocktail in the front end, and you have a porterhouse steak on the back end.