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Avo Cigars: Heritage (video)

Scott Collisare of Avo Cigars took a few minutes to tell us the story of the 90-rated AVO Heritage Cigar.

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Hello, everyone. My name is Scott Kolesaire. I am the brand manager of AVO Cigars. I want to take a minute to talk to you about the AVO Heritage. This is a rich, complex, full-bodied cigar. It was crafted through centuries of tradition.

When Avo wanted to create this cigar, he set out to do something new. He wanted to make sure all the younger generation and younger rollers and blenders in the factory were brought up on all the traditions and make sure that they were really involved with everything going on. So he formed together a team between some of the elderly gentlemen and the younger guys, and together they worked on creating this blend we know as AVO Heritage.

Part of the fun was kind of getting the new view of the younger generations with the old view of the older generations and together creating this marriage of a lot of expertise but with a flair of something new. Some of the tobacco they used, this Ecuador special sun-grown wrapper, is out of this world, a very rich, toothy wrapper that has a lot of flavor, gives a lot of characteristic and complexity. The fillers are Dominican as well as the binder, and together these components make up one of the most full-bodied and elegant cigars to date. So it’s something that for some of you that like something a little stronger, a little more intense, you should try the AVO Heritage. Enjoy.