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AVO Cigars (video)

One of the most well respected brands in the cigar industry, AVO Cigars has been a fan favorite of cigar smokers for years. Here Scott from AVO Cigars tells us about the new look for this traditional brand.


Hi, everyone. My name is Scott Kolesaire. I’m the AVO Brand Manager. I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about the changes for AVO cigars.

You’ll see a lot of new packaging and new bands and new box counts. This is all something we’ve worked on over the last few years to get perfectly right.

Over the last 30 years this has been an extremely successful brand. It just needed a new update, something very exciting to happen, and we addressed that in only the AVO manner. Pure elegance, touching music, and really having the product do the talking.

So one thing to say; all the cigars, all the blends, they are exactly the same. They just got an updated paint job. We have elegant new bands and bright new packaging. Every package has an intensity meter so you know how intense your cigar is, the strength. It tells a little story about each line, and gives you tasting notes.

You can pick up a box AVOs or a pack of AVOs and really know what you’re about to embark on. The cigars are fantastic. The new direction is something very exciting that we’ve worked very closely with Avo Uvezian on, and it’s about savoring the moment, savoring time.

Cigars aren’t meant to just be rushed. It’s about sitting down and enjoying and taking in everything around you. That’s why AVO Cigars invites you to savor every note.