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Avo Domaine (video)

Scott Collisare of Avo Cigars took some time to tell us about the history and flavor profile of the Avo Domaine.

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Hi everyone. My name is Scott Kolesaire and I’m the Avo brand manager. I wanted to take another minute to talk about Avo Domaine cigars.

A little story behind the Avo Domaine. When Avo Uvezian first went to the Dominican Republic and started working with Hankie Kelner on some blends, he found a piece of land that he thought would grow really cool tobacco, something really different. So he purchased the land, farmed it, and had a few farmers watch after it, and it yielded this spectacular tobacco which is used today in the Avo Domaine.

Once they found it, Hankie worked on it to make sure the land yielded the same stuff year in and year out, and was able to do that. And because of that, the Domaine has these special characteristics of nuttiness and wood, and another refined complex taste. It is a step up in the Avo line, a little more intense. It should be enjoyed with a meal, not on an empty stomach. But it is something for every connoisseur to get behind, so I hope you guys give it a shot. Enjoy.