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BCP Cigar 101: Choosing Your Humidifier (video)


So now you’ve probably seasoned your humidor, and you’re just a few small steps away from being able to store your cigars safely. First step is to take your calibrated hygrometer, place it inside of your humidor so you’re getting an accurate read as to the humidity inside of it. The next step is to add a humidifier. The humidifier is going to regulate the humidity, usually around 70% which is exactly what you want. There are a couple of different kinds of humidifiers available for you.

First, is a very simple step. It’s just using one of these hydrogel jars. We have a Cigar Swami brand called the “Cigar Genie.”  It’s Very simple, you take the cap off, you  place it inside your humidor, you’re good to go. We have different sizes available based on the size of your humidor, so you definitely have options as far as that goes. Also on the side of these, you have a great fill line, and add line. These are full of crystals which hold up to 400 times their own weight in water or PG solution, which we recommend. And when they start to dry out you’ll notice them hardening; crystallizing. All you have to do is look on the side where it says add line, and you just add the PG lotion until they rehydrate, place it back in.

The other great thing about these they’re usually good to go for about six months. So you place it in, close your lid, and you’re set to go. The only downside to the jars is if you have a small humidor, there’s nowhere for them really to go other than to take up a little bit of real estate in your humidor which some people don’t necessarily like. In that situation, we recommend that you use one of our Cigar Swami’s Cigar Guru’s. This is a humidifier that actually has an adhesive part in the back, so you can stick it anywhere you want inside the humidor. It doesn’t take up quite as much space.

The top of it is full of all these little holes, and all that you do is you take the holes, and you fill them with the PG potion. It does take a couple of hours for the PG potion to settle in, and again the crystals inside will inflate. Once it’s full up, all you want to do is turn it upside down, shake it to make sure there’s not any extra PG potion that’s going to drip out on your cigars, and you can place it anywhere in the humidor you like, and you’re set to go. The final step, is just adding your favorite cigar into your humidor, and you’re set to go.