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BCP Cigar Reviews: Perla del Mar (video)

In this video, Brian takes a look at J.C. Newman’s Perla del Mar cigar.

Find the Perla del Mar here:


Hi, this is Brian with Best Cigar Prices, and today I’m reviewing the Perla del Mar. Like J.C. Newman’s Brickhouse and El Baton, the Perla del Mar doesn’t skimp on flavor. It’s a special blend of tobacco that produces a Connecticut that’s anything but boring.

It features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler.

Before lighting, I picked up scents of nutty earth with mild sweetness. The cold draw tasted like campfire, lacquer, and incense.

The cigar opened up with flavors of damp wood, undergrowth, and raw pizza dough and an earthy flavor that weaved in and out. In the second half, the lemon zest flavor that I thought would pass turned out to stay for the main part of the profile, along with the dark espresso that lingered on the finish.

The Nicaraguan guts give the Perla del Mar a complex flavor that’s rare for mild cigars. The profile reminded me of Baccarat cigars with a lot more to offer in the flavor department.