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BCP News Brief – Viaje To Release New “Super Shot” Cigars

According to Cigar, Viaje cigars is set to release a new stogie that was inspired by brand owner Andre Farkas’ newfound love for skeet shooting. The cigar, deemed “The Super Shot”, comes in two sizes that mirror the dimensions of actual shotgun shells: 12 Gauge, measuring 3 1/4 inches by 52 ring, and 10 Gauge, measuring 3 1/2 by 54, and was designed to be a quick smoke that can be enjoyed during breaks in between clay shooting, one of Farkas’ favorite new hobbies. Super Shot is a limited-edition smoke that will be offered in rustic-looking boxes made to look like vintage shotgun shell cartons. No pricing, box count or blend information has been released as of yet, but the cigar is poised to make big waves by innovating upon the current market trend towards “short and fat” cigars.

This news comes on the heels of Viaje’s announcement last week of the brand switching to all-small-batch cigar production, limiting the regular on-going production of brands such as Oro and Platino. Farkas says those lines will continue, but only as small-batch releases. The decision seems like a good fit for Viaje, a brand that has long made consistency and quality its highest priority, an ideal that has sometimes caused order-fulfillment problems for the cigar-maker in the past. In an interview last year with Toasted Foot cigar reviews, Farkas was quoted as saying: “I keep it small batch. This is where I’m comfortable. I can keep my eye on quality which is a priority. It allows me to go from concept to cigar in a very short time which I enjoy. I also enjoy working with a small select group of retailers that understand the concept behind Viaje.”