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BCP News Brief: Espinosa Goes Solo, Giannini Promoted, & Jay-Z Cigars

A few weeks back we had reported that Eddie Ortega, President of EOBrands Cigars, had stepped down from his role at the company to start a new project, Ortega Cigars, leaving the EO reigns to his partner, Erik Espinosa. New reports say that Espinosa is also starting his own solo venture, appropriately named Espinosa Cigars. As reported by, Espinosa will continue to run EOBrands, as well as his new company. While no specific information about the line has been released as of yet, according to the Espinosa Cigars website an official announcement regarding the brand will be made later this week.

Shawn Carter, also known as hip-hop legend “Jay-Z”, has recently submitted records for the name “COMADOR”, with the specific instructions of “Smoking articles, namely cigars, cigar cutters, cigar cases, lighters, and tobacco pouches”, as reported by While no official announcement has been made, this move seems like a no-brainer for Carter, a known stogie-lover who has been featured on the cover of Cigar Aficionado Magazine, and featured in a number of cigar articles over the years. As a man who is known for his appreciation of finer things, Jay-Z’s smokes will likely present a bit more class than Snoop Dogg’s new “Executive Branch” line of cigars, which appear to be little more than a glorified “blunt-wrap”.

And lastly, fans of General Cigars can look forward to some interesting new stogies in the near future. Michael Giannini, Director of Marketing for La Gloria Cubana and the man behind some of La Gloria’s more unique cigars, such as the Artesanos de Obeliscos, has been promoted to a new larger role within the company. According to Cigar Aficionado, Giannini will now oversee the creation and production of new products for General Cigar’s entire catalog. Giannini, who has worked in the cigar industry for over 30 years, was quoted as saying, “I’m the guy who comes up with the concepts…I get to be the kid in the candy store”.  We’d like to congratulate Michael on the promotion, and we look forward to seeing what he’ll come up with next.