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BCP News Brief – Joya de Nicaragua renames “Cuenca y Blanco” to “CyB”

Joya de Nicaragua’s newest blend, “Cuenca y Blanco” will now be known as “CyB.” The name change happened Monday and is intended to stop possible trademark conflicts with other brands featuring similar names.

Owner and president of Joya de Nicaragua, Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, said the company did not realize there was any potential conflict with the name; otherwise they would have avoided the name to begin with.

“It is never our intention to imitate others and rather than waste energy in a possibly long, drawn out legal dispute, simply changing it resolves any issue,” said Cuenca. “I want our efforts focused solely on the working tobaccos, maintaining the quality of our cigars and satisfying our customers. Our industry is facing much more relevant challenges today that demand our united and collective efforts,” Cuenca told Cigar Aficionado.

Handmade at the Joya de Nicaragua factory in Esteli, these cigars have a blend of Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Dominican and Ecuadorian tobaccos. Joya de Nicaragua spent over a year perfecting the blends of CyB and is proud of the full bodied, full flavored cigar. CyB is the first cigar the Joya de Nicaragua factory has made in collaboration with cigar legend, Jose Blanco.

Senior Vice President of Joya de Nicaragua, Jose Blanco, said, “All of us are extremely proud of CyB… We may have changed the name, but the jewel we have created continues to be exactly the same.”

The brands packaging, boxes and bands on the cigars will be changed however the cigars themselves will remain the same. The first shipments of the cigars featuring the new bands and new packaging should begin arriving in the United States sometime in mid-October.