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BCP News Brief – La Flor Dominicana Re-Introduces “LFD Light”

Back in February we had reported that La Flor Dominicana was planning a re-branding, and would be changing the name of their original cigar line. Late last week the company confirmed this with a press release stating that their premium line will now be known as LFD Light, in order to reflect the mild body of the blend. Litto Gomez, co-owner of La Flor Dominicana was quoted as saying, “This line is very special to me and we need to ensure that it stays consistent with where our brand is today. We have come a long way since we originally released this cigar and most people are unaware that we even make mild-bodied cigars.” Along with the name-change, two new big-ring vitolas will be added to the line, a 6×54 called the Maximo, and a 6 ¼ x60 dubbed the Governador. Look for LFD Light to hit our shelves sometime later this month.