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BCP News Brief – New Luxury Brand Unveils Cigars Rolled on Bare Breasts

A new premium cigar brand has emerged with an interesting spin on traditional cigar-making: cigars rolled on the bare breasts of young women.

Venus Tobacco has announced the launch of their first cigar line, the Goddess Venus, a torpedo cigar featuring what the company describes as “an international blend of high quality tobaccos” that will be rolled in Nicaragua on the naked breasts of women. Production of the scandalous cigars will be limited to 1000 sticks, each one packaged with a video of its rolling process. The cigars will also come with a limited edition Venus Cigars calendar showcasing the young ladies involved. Each Venus Goddess cigar will be priced at $100.00 USD.

While not yet available, Venus Tobacco representative Nick Gordon has stated that the Goddess will make its debut very soon, and added that he expects them to sell out within one week of their launch. Check back with BCP News and we’ll keep you “abreast” on developments with this unique new brand.