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BCP News Brief: Padron to Introduce Anniversario 1964 #4

As an addendum to Friday’s News Round-up, another big-name manufacturer entering the arena of “big-ring” cigars this year is Padrón, who will be releasing a new frontmark for their highly-rated Anniversario 1964 Series. The new Padrón Anniverario 1964 #4, which will measure in at 6×60, will be the 11th size made available for the series. The #4 will be available in both Sun-grown natural and maduro wrapper shades, and more than likely will be box-pressed, according to

The Anniversario 1964 #4 will use the same tobacco as its predecessors, but will have a different blend and taste, as reported by Cigar Aficionado. The company has also expressed plans for a future release of a 6×60 vitola for their Anniversario 1926 series, though probably not for some time. While no release date has been set as of yet,  Jorge Padrón stated he hopes to see the #4 on shelves before this year’s IPCPR trade show in August. Padrón, one of the cigar industry’s most well-respected brand names, is one of many manufacturers to introduce a 6×60 frontmark to an existing line in recent months, as a response to customers’ increasing demand for larger cigars.