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BCP News Brief – Toronto Considers Expanding Smoking Ban

Recently Toronto’s board of health decided that they will move forward with a series of public consultations on a proposed expansion of the city’s already existing smoking ban. If the smoking ban expansion is approved Toronto will become the fifth largest city in North America to crack down on their already strict outdoor ban.

The proposed ban plans on prohibiting smoking in the following area’s throughout the city: uncovered restaurant patios, public sports fields, bus stops, hospital grounds, entrance ways and public squares. Back in 2009 the city banned smoking in areas near playgrounds, pools as well as farms and zoos operated by the municipality.

Last month a report was released by Toronto’s chief medical officer that linked reductions in second hand smoke exposure and the number of young smokers to previous anti-smoking legislation.

The results of the public consultations will be presented to the board next year which will determine if Toronto’s smoking ban will be expanded.