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BCP News Brief: White House Petition To Protect Premium Cigars- Only 1,612 More Signatures Needed!

As you may have heard, The Cigar Rights of America has joined forces with the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers association and sent a formal petition to the White House’s “We the People” Internet petition website in order to protect premium cigars from the proposed FDA regulations of the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act. The petition will not be reviewed by the Obama Administration until at least 25,000 people will sign it by May 11. At the time of this posting 23388 signatures have been collected, and the CRA and IPCPR organizations are appealing to all cigar smokers to support the petition.

If the FDA were to impose regulation on premium cigars we would no longer enjoy the handmade cigar industry as we do today, as the following drastic restrictions could be imposed:

  • Ban on mail order cigar sales
  • Ban on walk-in humidors
  • Ban on cigar events where free cigars would be available to legal-age adults
  • Limits on special release and small-batch cigars due to mandates that cigar blends be submitted to the FDA for pre-approval
  • Limits on nicotine levels in cigars to near zero, severely impacting the flavor of cigars
  • New “user fees” [taxes] on cigars to finance regulations
  • Ban on all cigar merchandise


-And those are just the tip of the iceberg. FDA regulation would also mean the loss of jobs, income, and  livelihood for many. We here at BestCigarPrices strongly urge you to take just a few moments of your time to sign the petition and help protect our favorite pastime from unjust regulations. Only 1,612 more signatures are required in order to meet the goal, click here to get your signature in now.