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BCP Pairing Sessions #8: Summer Edition – Hot and Quick with a Spicy Kick


BCP Pairing Sessions: #8: Summer Edition – Hot and Quick with a Spicy Kick

Beverage: Wheat Beer

Cigar: Hot & Spicy Sticks

Eats: Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Why it works: This might not be the featured item on the menu for the day, but if you’re looking for an appetizer that will wake your palate up, you can’t go wrong with these Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers. Easy and appealing, you can run a few rounds of these bacon encased cheesy spice bombs off to keep the crowd happy while the smoker or slow-cooker does its work. And, since you’re being so patient, reward yourself by breaking out one of these masterfully crafted, medium-full bodied flavor tanks and enjoy the day.


Recommended Hot and Spicy Sticks:

Viaje Jalapenos


W: ?

B: ?

F: ?


601 La Bomba


W: Nicaraguan Habano

B: Nicaragua

F: Nicaragua


Don Pepin Cuban Classic


W: Habano Rosado

B: Nicaragua

F: Nicaragua


Bacon Jalapeño Poppers Recipe:


6 Jalapeño Peppers

6oz Cream Cheese

1 Green Onion (diced)

2 oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese (shredded)

1/2 teaspoon Garlic Power

12 Bacon slices


aluminum foil



1. Cut the Jalapeño Peppers in half lengthwise, and hollow out the seeds.

2. In a medium size bowl, combine the diced green onion, cream cheese, garlic powder and cheddar cheese. Mix well. This is your popper stuffing.

3. Stuff the Jalapeño pepper halves with the popper stuffing to create 12 poppers.

4. Wrap the stuffed jalapeño poppers with a slice of bacon and secure with toothpicks.

5. On a sheet of aluminum foil, over medium heat, start grilling the jalapeño poppers cut side down till the bacon begins to crisp. Flip over and allow to cook until bacon is cooked and cheese has melted.

6. Serve as is or with sour cream.


Kick it up a Notch: When in doubt, add guacamole. Homemade or store-bought, everything is made better with a dollop of the green stuff.