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BCP: Scent Bombs (video)

Jeff Brown, Merchandising Director, took a moment to talk to us about scent bombs, for getting rid of cigar smoke odors.

Find them here: Scent Bombs


Hey folks, Jeff Brown here today to talk to you about a very inexpensive way to mask scents in your house. That’s right, scent bombs.

We have these fine bottles of scents that come in a super duper variety of different fragrances for your house, even for your car, your home. Very simple to use but I will tell you that you can’t spray them directly on clothing. It’s good to just put a little spray or two inside of a trash can or on a piece of paper, put it underneath the seat of your car.

Scent bombs, folks, they’re awesome. They’re very inexpensive and a great way to mask any smells in your house whether it be cigars, fish, whatever.