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BCP: Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles (video)

Jeff Brown, Merchandising Director at Best Cigar Prices, took a few minutes to talk to us about the odor-eliminating scented candles offered at Best Cigar Prices.

Find the scented candles here: Candles


Hey folks, Jeff Brown here from Best Cigar Prices, and I’m here today to talk to you about candles. That’s right, exciting candles.

At Best Cigar Prices we offer a fine selection of candles. Our candles average about a 30 hour burn time and are just fantastic gifts or just great to have around in your office or your man cave or anywhere in the house. They’re great, great candles, super quality.

Look for flavors that we have out or fragrances that we have out right now such as Coffee, as I mentioned earlier, Apple Orchard, Vanilla Bean is another great seller for us, Mandarin Spice, and our exclusive Robolo candle.

If you’re looking for great quality candles at a really, really great price, check us out at Best Cigar Prices. Thank you.