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Behind the Scenes – Spotlight on New Products

Since the 2011 IPCPRtrade show, we’ve gotten in more new products than we can even keep up with, including tons of rare, hard-to-find boutique cigars. We have a “Newest Items” page on our site with slots for our 25 newest products, but it’s been completely changing probably every two days due to the sheer volume of new arrivals. So to make sure these new products get the exposure they deserve and make it into your humidors, I’ve put together a list of new products that may have otherwise stayed under the



Fausto and La Casita Criolla by Tatuaje

These are the two newest blends from Pete Johnson of Tatuaje, and they’re not only some of his most unique, but also some of his best, in my humble opinion. La Casita Criolla (which I reviewed last week) is made entirely with Connecticut broadleaf tobaccos, so as you can imagine, you probably haven’t tasted anything like it before. These surprisingly mellow smokes are toasty, chocolaty, and a bit spicy, but incredibly balanced and smooth with great construction.

Fausto, on the other hand, is not what you’d call an easygoing smoke. These powerhouses feature the same T110 “thermonuclear” blend as one of Pete Johnson’s earlier (extremely limited) releases. As you can imagine, these are not smokes to trifle with—Fausto is bold, leathery, and incredibly peppery, but if you’re into strong cigars, you might fall in love with it. Expect a review of this one sometime in the next few weeks.


This is CAO’s first release under General Cigar Co.’s supervision, and you’ve probably heard all about. The CAO OSA Sol gets its name from the farm in Honduras where its sun-grown wrapper tobacco is cultivated, and it’s definitely one of the brand’s more impressive releases. Not only are the boxes particularly eye-catching, but the stogies are dynamite; they’re spicy, sweet, and balanced with lots of woody, rich tobacco flavor. Try some if you haven’t already—you won’t regret it.


Padilla Artemis

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

Following the success of the first three Edge releases—the original Edge (Corojo), Edge Maduro, and Edge Lite—Rocky decided to round out the bunch with a Sumatra-wrapped counterpart. These smokes are medium-to-full-bodied but not as heady and powerful as the original. Expect some distinctly Sumatra flavor; butter, caramel, red pepper, and cedar; along with a little bit of heat from the Honduran and Nicaraguan interior blend. As with the rest of the Edge line, we’re selling these in chests of 100, bundles of 25, and loose packs of five, so whether you feel like committing to a big buy or not, these are well worth trying.

Padilla Artemis

If there’s one company that’s shown its chops in the last few years, it’s Padilla. These guys have come out with everything from top-shelf super-premiums to surprisingly-tasty affordable gems like La Terraza. Padilla Artemis, one of their newest cigars, fits into the former category, offering a spicy, well-rolled, Habano-wrapped smoke. Named for the Greek goddess of the hunt, Padilla Artemis is toasty, spicy, and well-rounded, and very smooth, especially considering its billing as medium-to-full-bodied. If you’ve got the extra cash, I highly recommend getting yourself some of these.

Esteban Carreras

Adding to the long list of boutique brands we’ve picked up in the last few months, Esteban Carreras is a standout among small-production stogies. I’ve heard them compared to some of the biggest names out there, though I won’t mention any in the interest of keeping the other guys from being undersold. From the spicy, robust 187 to the sweet, toasty 5150 (which I reviewed recently) to the mellow and creamy Connecticut, these cigars are uniformly well-rolled and damn delicious. Considering they fall between $5 and $7 per stick, you really can’t go wrong, whichever one you choose.

Corazón by Davidoff

Corazón by Davidoff


Here’s one that completely came from out of nowhere—an unbelievably-tasty budget stogie from Davidoff. Corazón is made with a super-sweet, super-creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper leaf, along with aged Dominican binder and filler leaves, culminating in a buttery, creamy, nutty smoke with some zesty cedar on the finish. That flavor profile might not be surprising from the company that makes Avo and Griffins, but the price is—these beauties fall well under the $3-per-stick mark. I’m thinking about trying to get a review on here, so keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, while I’d like to list everything we’ve gotten since the trade show, that would make this post about 50 pages long, so in the interest of keeping it readable, I’ll stop here. But I seriously recommend that you check out some (or all) of the above cigars—none of them will disappoint. On the subject of new cigars, we’re supposed to get our first shipment of Alec Bradley Black Market sometime in the near future, and as such, we’ll be posting a review of it. In the meantime, try some new stogies and find out why we stock the things in the first place!