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Behind The Scenes: New Daily Deal Site Launch

I am very excited today about the launch of our new CigarWar Daily Deal site at I have been wanting to have a daily deal site for a long time, and to see all our hard work come to fruition is very satisfying. So today I’m going to tell you a little bit about how the site came to be and the process behind it. I absolutely love the concept that Zac & I developed together, and Zac’s execution of the style and design of the site is (in my opinion of course) awesome. The site overall is designed to be an extension of BestCigarPrices, of course with that name we’re always trying to give customers the best deal possible, and this new site gives us a platform to do just that. It also allows us at the same time to point out how much you’re saving by shopping with us.

That was in fact the very beginning of the site. One day Zac was reading an e-mail special from one of our “most well known” competitors, showing a special sale price on Blazer Little Buddy Torch Lighters at $49.95, marked down from some obscenely high “regular” price. Zac did a quick check on our site and said to me “We sell these lighters for $41.95 everyday. They’re probably getting a ton of sales at $49.95 and the customers think they’re getting a discount!”  But what can we do about it? We’re not going to send out an e-mail special to our entire customer list just to let them know that we have the lowest everyday price around on Blazer Lighters. But we can launch a counterattack at CigarWar! That was the first deal category we came up with, a way for us to let smokers know that our everyday prices are often better than even “sale” prices from other sites. The rest of the deal categories fell into place pretty quickly, they are:

Counterattack – We retaliate against the high prices of our competition.
Last Stand – Deep discounts on discontinued and overstocked products.
Declassified – Special one-time only discounts on hard-to-find items.
Espionage – We expose the competition’s questionable marketing practices.
Reconnaissance – Interesting brand or product information you may not be aware of.
Secret Weapon – Huge deals on our exclusive brands.
Renegade – Products that our competition won’t stock.
Preemptive Strike – We lower our already industry-leading low prices.
Ambush – Hot deals on new products.

Once we settled on the concept, I turned Zac loose to design the site. He really went over the top and came back to me with pretty much what you see on the screen now. We made a few minor tweaks, but he really hit this one out of the park. Nice job again Zac!

Next up we had to come up with a whole bunch of deals. I wanted to have a month’s worth of deals before we launched the site, and I’ll be adding to the list constantly as we continue to get new products, better deals from manufacturers, etc. We always appreciate suggestions, you can always feel free to write on our Facebook wall anything you’d like to see go on CigarWar. I can’t promise to include all your suggestions, but I’ll certainly do my best to make sure we’re giving you guys what you want. After all, that’s what the site is all about – giving you a great deal on your favorite smokes.

Once we had a whole bunch of deals in the can and ready to go, we picked a launch date (today obviously) and started taking e-mail address from interested folks who wanted to know what each day’s deal was. The response was fast and furious; there are clearly a whole bunch of you out there hungry for daily deals. I put together an extra-killer deal on a bunch of samplers from one of our best-selling brands, CAO, as I really wanted to kick the site off right. I wanted to make sure we had popular items at a low price-point so that the first deal could be something that appeals to any cigar smoker. Even though it is a “daily deal” site and we’ll have a new deal tomorrow, I’m leaving the CAO sale prices active for the whole week because they are just that good.

So that’s how we launched our daily deal site! We hope you enjoy it and take advantage of the sale prices and other offers we put up there. Again, please let us know if there is something particular you’d like to see up there and we’ll do our best to accommodate. The first shots have been fired and we plan to keep the battle against high prices going for a very long time!