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Best Cigar Prices IPCPR 2013: Alec Bradley

Transcript: It’s your boy, Sammy Phillips coming to you live from the IPCPR 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada. Alec Bradley Cigar Company. We’ve got a ton of new things going on. We’re out here having a great time, sometimes a little bit too much fun, but we’re going to run you through the new product and show you what we’ve got going on. Let’s go.

The first thing I want to tell you about is our Alec Bradley Nica Puro. It’s our first all Nicaraguan blend. Absolutely phenomenal. You’ve got a medium to full-bodied cigar, obviously, wrapper, double binder and filler, all from Nicaragua. It’s been selling incredibly well. It’s a 90 plus rated cigar. It’s been out on the market for about four months now. Doing incredibly well. Pick one up.

We’ve got our Alec Bradley Connecticut, which we released last year. Don’t let the light wrapper fool you. This cigar actually smokes medium-bodied. It’s got a ton of flavor, ton of complexity, at the same time, it’s creamy and buttery.

We’ve also got our brand new Alec Bradley Tubo series, which are going to be available around September. We’ve got five lines. This is an exclusive size only for the tubes. So when you pick up a Prensado, or you’re going for a Corona Gorda, or a Gran Toro, you can’t actually get the size that we have here in the tubes, which is a 6 x 52. Comes in five different lines. We’ve got Connecticut. We’ve got the Nica Puro, again. Black Market. Tempus. And the number one cigar in the world last year, the Alec Bradley Prensado, rated 96 points.

We’ve also got a handy dandy, little, beautiful sampler that we’re going to have right around the holiday season. Got five of the tubes, all five of them, and a Hendrix FX3 Triple Flame Lighter, which retails for about 50 bucks. And we’re going to throw that in at no additional cost whatsoever, guys.

As we move on, we’ve got our classics. Tempus, as well as Tempus Maduro, second highest rated cigar in the world, 2009, 94 points. It was the cigar that put us on the map.

As we move on, guys, we’ve got our brand new baby. The Punta Lanza, the Mundial, means Point of the Lance. Alan’s been working and Ralphie’s been working on this cigar for six years. Five years ago, Alan was ready to bring it to market, the cigar just wasn’t ready, he wasn’t happy with the blend. Our mantra here at Alec Bradley is “Live true.” Blend’s not right, we don’t put it to market.

Six years later, we’ve come out with Mundial. We just shot her into space yesterday. We’re going to have to get you guys some of that footage by the way. This is a blend of seven different tobaccos. The wrapper comes from the Trojas region of Honduras. It’s absolutely delicious. We’re expecting big things from Mundial.

As we move on, we’ve got our classics right here with Maxx. And we’ve got another classic with Vice Press. Both 90 plus rated cigars. They’ve done very, very well for us. We absolutely love having these cigars in our portfolio.

As we move on a little bit more, we’ve got our brand new baby, Raices Cubanas. I’m sure that all of you are familiar with Raices Cubanas. It’s a little factory in Honduras. It’s done very, very well. They’ve got more top 25 ratings than any other factory in the last nine years. And, of course, the Alec Bradley Prensado, which was the number one cigar in the world, rated 96 points. We’ve got a Nicaraguan, Honduran blend for Raices. Beautiful, beautiful wrapper on this cigar. It’s going to smoke solid, medium-bodied. It’s going to have a ton of flavor and a lot of complexity.

And that’s what we’ve got here for the IPCPR 2013. Coming to you live from Las Vegas, Nevada. Alec Bradley for life.