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Best Cigar Prices offers Pipes and Pipe Tobacco

dr who enjoying pipe
The First Doctor Who enjoying a pipe

Many of our visitors don’t know that Best Cigar Prices offers an extensive selection of pipe and pipe tobacco and Pipe accessories.  We offer these products with the same level of deep discounted prices that we do for cigars and cigar accessories.

Our wide selection of pipes includes Peterson and popular shapes like Dublin, Bulldog, Brandy, Oom Paul, Billiard, Pot and more.  Our Pipe Tobacco selection comes from well known brands like CAO Flavours, Davidoff, Villiger, Dunhill, Newminster, Peterson, Sutliff, and more.

Buying pipes and related products from Best Cigar Prices means that you are going to receive the same quality of service that you receive when you buy cigars.   The same experts at customer service, the same service levels,  and the same teams that ships out our cigars also ships out our pipe products.  In other words you already know exactly what to expect.

The photograph to the left is the first Doctor from Doctor Who enjoying a pipe.

Pipes have been with us for a long time.    Best Cigar Prices is happy to offer Pipe and Pipe Tobacco to our clients at a deeply discounted rate.  Shop our selection and take advantage of what we have to offer.

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.   In the near future we will be expanding our selection even further.