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Image’s Top 10 New Releases of 2012 – Part Two

Continuing from earlier this week, here are our remaining picks for the best new stogies we saw in 2012:


G.A.R. Opium S.T.K. 652





6. G.A.R. Opium S.T.K.

Limited to just 1000 boxes of twenty, the G.A.R. Opium S.T.K. is a special edition boutique stogie from George Rico of Gran Habano cigars that is not to be missed. Featuring a unique Habano/Corojo hybrid wrapper atop a Nicaraguan binder and a secret filler blend, these small-batch smokes present a refreshingly flavorful smoking experience. Bursting with vivid notes of coffee, caramel, and a lingering, savory spice through a super-clean and crisp burn, the Opium S.T.K. carries classic flavor with modern finesse, and makes it look easy.


Oliva Serie V Melanio #4







7. Oliva V Melanio

An extension of Oliva’s highly-rated Serie V line, the Melanio is a box-pressed, full-bodied offering showcasing the kind of high-end craftsmanship that one would expect from the pricier Padróns or Fuentes. Laced with strong-yet-smooth flavors of coffee, butter, cedar, graham, and rich spice through an easy draw, the Oliva Serie V Melanio quickly became a favorite for many full-bodied aficionados, and was rated a remarkable 92 by Cigar Insider.


3 Reynas Robusto








8. 3 Reynas

Translating to “Three Queens”, 3 Reynas is a collaborative effort between three of the most prominent female players in the cigar industry: Patricia and Raquel Quesada, daughters of Manual Quesada, and Janny Garcia, daughter of Don Pepin Garcia. Limited to only 1000 boxes of each size, these special release cigars are full-flavored and sweet, piping out thick plumes of chewy smoke with complex notes of cocoa, espresso, cream, and citrus from start to finish. Boasting a clean and consistent burn and fantastic flavor transitions throughout, 3 Reynas is one cigar that everybody should be checking out before it disappears.


Paul Stulac White Blinding Light Robusto







9. Paul Stulac (all)

Among other things, 2012 will be remembered as the year that Paul Stulac made his mark. Hailing from Nova Scotia, cigar retailer Paul Stulac took the industry by storm this year with the release of a barrage of awesome stogies in rapid succession. With tasty and well-balanced full-bodied blends like the powerful and peppery White Blinding Light, and the earthy and complex Red Screaming Sun, Stulac’s stable of premium smokes are easily some of the most solid new sticks to hit the market in quite a while.



Best Cigar Prices’ Exclusive Relajado by General Cigar






10. Relajado

 When our new premium exclusive brand, Relajado by General Cigar arrived in our humidor over the summer, we were blown away by not only the overall quality of the blend, but also the overwhelming customer response to these rich and smooth Dominicans. Relajado quickly shot to the top of our best-selling exclusives, and the first batch sold out within just weeks of its release! These mellow sticks are packed with savory flavors of slightly-sweet cedar, roasted nuts, and faraway spice for an ultra-relaxing, straight-burning smoke that has far exceeded our expectations in every regard.


So there you have it, our top picks for the best new cigars of 2012. Hopefully you’ll find the time to give some of these sticks a try in the new year, and find as much enjoyment in doing so as we did. Here’s to health, happiness, prosperity, and many good smokes in 2013, may it be your greatest stogie-year yet!