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Big Discounts On Spirit Of Cuba

Alec Bradley’s Spirit of Cuba line is one of the best deals out there. For as low as a measly $1.60 a stick, you get a handmade Honduran beauty of a stogie in Connecticut, Corojo, or Habano wrapper leaves. The blend in these Cuban-sandwich-style stogies is not your typical mixed-filler mess—these feature fillers from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua along with sturdy binder leaves from Honduras and Nicaragua. This makes for an exceptionally well-rolled budget stogie with as complex a flavor profile as any.

Even though our deal on these stogies is already at rock bottom, we’re digging deeper and taking as much as $8 off of each box! That means you can get these surprisingly cheap stogies for as low as $1.28 a stick. This is the absolute lowest price we’ve ever offered on these stogies, so stock up now and you won’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability—Spirit of Cuba by Alec Bradley boasts both! Come take advantage of the lowest prices ever on these remarkable stogies.