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Buying Cigars Online

We ran an informal survey recently and discovered that the majority of individuals still didn’t realize that they could purchase cigars online.

Many believed that purchasing cigarscigars was similar to purchasing cigarettes where it’s nearly impossible to purchase online legally,  however there is a distinct difference between the two in how the regulations work, which allows for the legal purchase of cigars but not cigarettes. Cigarettes are regulated, there are laws that prevent the purchase of that product online.  Though there is currently no federal law that prohibits internet tobacco product sales, the surrounding laws make internet purchases of cigarettes nearly impossible to complete legally.

Cigars are not subjected to the same types of surrounding legalities.  As of today they are not regulated as strongly and you are free to purchase Cigars online.

In a nutshell,  it’s perfectly fine to purchase cigars online and many people do.   It’s one of the most popular ways to purchase premium cigars.  We at Best Cigar Prices have extensive experience in selling cigars on the internet.  We currently ship to all the states and most countries.


There are some things you will want to know.

1 – Some states do tax cigars,   So if you purchase cigars and have them shipped to any of the other 49 states you might (or might not depending on the state) be legally required to pay whatever the state tax is your location.

2 – If you purchase cigars within the state of PA,  then you will be charged the customary 6% sales tax.

3 – If you are purchasing cigars outside of the United States,  each country may or may not have corresponding taxes that are associated with the importation of cigars.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions surrounding the importation of cigars to your specific country.