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C & C Cigars: Corojo (video)

A hidden gem of the humidor, the C&C Cigars Corojo is a highly rated, yet often overlooked standout just waiting to be smoked.

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Hey, guys. I’m Rene Castaneda from Orleans Group. I’m here to talk to you today about the C&C Corojo Cigars.

The C&C Corojo Cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. The tobacco that we use in the cigars is aged for two years and then they go to the aging room for three months before we ship them to the market.

The C&C Corojo uses Dominican Corojo wrapper from 2006, and filler and binders from the Dominican Republic, too. The binder happens to be a Corojo, too. It’s a medium body, creamy but spicy cigar. It’s a very rich, tasty, flavorful cigar.

I’d always make sure that you enjoy this cigar as an after-lunch cigar. In the morning it could be a little bit heavy, but for after lunch it will be perfect. It’s not overwhelming. It has a lot of flavor, and a little bit of spice that you will enjoy very, very much. The cigar has been rated 90 plus by Cigar Aficionado, and the price point is from 5, 5 and change retail price point.

Hope you enjoy the cigars, and you can find them at