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California Could Ban Smoking In Some Homes

As if our right to smoke wasn’t getting picked on enough a recent proposed legislature now jeopardizes the right to light up in the comfort of your own home! Now that’s just wrong!

The California State Assembly proposed a bill that could ban smoking in homes where multiple family members live. Assembly member Marc Levine introduced the bill, AB 746, in hopes to amend the current state smoking ban by adding the additional ban that would prohibit smoking inside homes that contain two more individuals. This means apartment buildings, townhouse and condominiums would fall under the ban.

If the bill passes the only smoking permitted in homes where multiple people live would be in designated smoking areas at least 20 feet away from residential units. All designated smoking areas would have to be marked and at least 100 feet away from areas such as playgrounds, swimming pools and school campuses (basically any area where kids hang out ).

Violators of the proposed bill could face fines of up to $300. For some California residents violating the proposed legislation could lead to eviction.

Executive director of Cigar Rights of America, Glynn Loope, stated that the proposal is “totally unnecessary and another example of nanny-state government.”

“Assemblyman Levine obviously has no respect for private property rights, by this attempt to criminalize the use of legal tobacco products within the confines of a home,” said Loope. “There are cases where citizens have actually confronted homelessness over regulations such as this.

Chances are the bill will not pass, however the threat alone is still quite disturbing.