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California Tobacco Shops Still Safe from Statewide Smoking Ban

Right now I think we’re in a bit of a pre-IPCPR trade show “calm before the storm,” so here’s a story that we somehow glossed over last week. You might remember one of my posts a while ago about California’s attempt to ban smoking in tobacco stops. Well thankfully, while the state’s smoking ban will still expand, that expansion won’t affect tobacco shops, thanks to a nice list of exemptions.

The list of exemptions includes retail and wholesale tobacconists, along with private cigar clubs, according to a post by Cigar Aficionado. Originally, the bill was supposed to expand the state’s workplace smoking ban to these areas, in addition to bars, restaurants, and non-hospitality workplaces, which had pre-existing smoking bans.

Lobbying against the proposed ban was Cigar Rights of America and the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association. This once again goes to prove that pretty much every time something pro-cigar happens in the legislative world, we have them to thank for it. Anyway, if you live in California, enjoy your right to smoke in cigar shops, and check out the CRA and IPCPR’s websites. If you don’t live in California, check out their websites anyway, because you never know when nanny legislators will push a ludicrous smoking ban in your state!