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CAO Gold Sampler – Buy 2 Get One FREE!

Do I ever have a gold-medal deal for you today! CAO Gold has long been one of the most popular smokes in our humidor. There’s a good reason, the mild flavor coupled with top-quality tobacco and impeccable craftsmanship make this one a hit with beginners and aficionados alike. You know with CAO Gold you’re getting an easy smoke that will relax you and not distract you while you focus on reading your opponent at the poker table or lining up your putt on the golf course. As for me, in addition to enjoying smoking CAOs, I love putting them on e-mail special because it’s such an easy sales pitch. This one today is especially simple. After recently coming out with the Maduro-wrapped version of the Gold line, CAO put together these slick samplers that contain 2 CAO Gold Robustos and 2 CAO Gold Maduro Robustos to help promote the brand. They stuck a sweet pretty discount on them, at their regular everyday cost you’re getting all 4 cigars for the usual cost of 3. However, here at BCP you know “regular” discounts just aren’t good enough for us. Not content with the 25% discount CAO is backing these with, I’m cranking it up to a full 50%! This week, if you pick up 2 4-packs for a measly $31.95, I’m tossing in a whole extra 4-pack FREE! Coupled with the “buy 3 get 4” deal, you’re paying for 6 cigars and you’re getting 12.

Hope that wasn’t too much math for you, but if you want just a little bit more I’ll point out that at our every-day deep discounted price these cost around $3.90 per cigar, and are worth every penny and more. With this deal you’re paying a slender $2.66 per premium CAO stogie. A sales pitch doesn’t get any easier than that, I’m getting out of here. Stock up, save yourself some dough, and enjoy those CAOs.