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CAO introduces the FLATHEAD at the IPCPR 2013

CAO is known for pairing innovative blends with very involved themes and their latest creation, Flathead, keeps the tradition going. During the 2013 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, CAO Head Blender, Rick, introduces the all new CAO Flathead. Check out our CAO selection here and be sure to check back for the all new Flathead!


Hi, hello. I’m Rick from CAO. I’m Head Blender for CAO. I’m introducing the new Flathead cigar by CAO. Flathead is based on the old Ford engines that they launched in the ‘30s. In the ‘30s, they made Ford engines, based on the horsepower of that engine, they painted that engine either blue, black, red, or orange.

All these cigars are going to be box-pressed with a flathead. The blend is going to be a beautiful Connecticut Broad-leaf for the wrapper. All the fillers and the binders are going to be from Nicaragua. So you have the beautiful 42. Also you have this monster cigar called the 770, seven inches by 70. Also a box-pressed flathead.

We know what we want to do is for is for this, guys, to take these boxes home and collect the box lids, so they can hang it upside. And we’re also going to attach this beautiful flysheet, representing the size and the box for this cigar.

And that is Flathead by CAO.