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CAO OSA Sol – Grab Your Box Today and Get Free Shipping!


CAO’s cigars have always been known for combining amazing taste with eye-catching presentation, but the all new CAO OSA Sol takes the cake. These stogies are named after the farm in Olancho San Agustin that their sun-grown wrapper tobacco is grown on, and to tell you they taste awesome would be the understatement of the year. Medium-to-full-bodied with plenty of flavors of cedar, earth, and a bit of sweetness, CAO OSA Sol provides the perfect balance between strength and complex flavor.

And as for the presentation, this just might top everything CAO has ever released. The OSA Sol comes in intricately-decorated wooden boxes, each of which has a carved out “river” running through the top of the box, and they’re all marked with the specific latitude and longitude of the farm in Olancho San Agustin. Simply put, these are some of the best-looking cigar boxes we’ve ever seen.

We want everybody to know how tasty these cigars are, so for this weekend only, we’re shipping every box of CAO OSA Sol for free! That means you can get these flavorful, top-shelf beauties delivered right to your doorstep for not a penny over what you’d pay for a box. Get yours today and see why the CAO OSA Sol is one of the most talked-about new releases of 2011!