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CAO Sponsors Kid Rock’s Chillin’ The Most Cruise

Sixthman, a company responsible for putting together festivals on cruise ships, recently announced that CAO Cigars has signed on as a sponsor of the Kid Rock “Chillin The Most” cruise. The cruise left Miami yesterday and is making its way to the Bahamas. One lucky fan was able to attend by winning the CAO Concert launch sweepstakes. Justin Harris of Nashville, TN along with a guest are among the crew on board the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship.

CAO will provide a custom CAO cigar lounge, a blending workshop and live music performances by Kid Rock. Senior brand manager of CAO cigars, Ed McKenna, gave details on the cruise. “With a customized on-board cigar lounge and the chance for guests to crank up their cigar knowledge by hanging out with our cigar blender Rick Rodriguez, Kid Rock’s ‘Chillin’ the Most’ is the ultimate expression of our brand. It’s also a fitting way to celebrate the success of CAO Concert, which gives a nod to our rock n roll roots,” said McKenna.

Kid Rock’s Chillin’ The Most Cruise is Sixthman’s 52nd full ship charter and makes its way to “Redneck Paradise,” also known as the Bahamas. Two days will be spent on the island and an additional day on the ship at sea before heading back to Miami. Guests were also able to sail on the ship the night before departure to attend a special pre-party hosted by Kid rock.

“Not only will guests of Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise soak in five days of moments that make life rock out on the ocean with their musical hero, they’ll have the chance to enjoy a trend setting cigar while basking in the music and sunshine of the Caribbean, said Kappy, Sixthman’s marketing manager.

CAO Cigars is recognized worldwide for their delectable blends and unique branding. The Concert series celebrates the brand’s love of rock n roll so it’s fitting that they are sponsoring a festival at sea. While Kid Rock may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we’re sure this will be a fun event and would love to be on a cruise ship heading to the Bahamas right about now!